Sport Live Streaming

Live streaming is now more accessible than ever

Having worked with Clare GAA TV for 3 years we are happy to be abl to offer Live streaming with a difference, each live sport stream can have it's own pre-roll, unique scoreboard, pop in sponsorship slots, instant replays, halftime rolls with prepared video slots or advertising slots 

Cameras operated by people used to filming GAA games and sport in general, able to read the play so your audience will never miss a moment of action. Multiple cameras can be used also to provide a different touch to your live stream, that other streams wouldn't have.


Height without the need for scaffolding or temporary structures, it isn't always possible to have a natural structure to film from and erecting scaffolding or temporary structures isn't always possible, so high tripods upto 25ft can be used to provide that all important viewpoint.


There are an abundance of platforms you can livestream to, from the most common like Facebook and Youtube, to less common solutions like video embedded only on your own website and even to a custom rtmp if needed.


Full graphics packages including animated scoreboard, substitutions, carded players, team lineups, commentary team announcement and social media comments integration.


When it comes to commentary a simple microphone setup for your commentary team, a separate monitor can even be provided for them.